Clinton Adviser invokes Obama’s teenage drug use

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UPDATE(December 13, 2007 @ 6:50pm Eastern time): Bill Shaheen, co-chairman of Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign has resigned from his position in her campaign, following remmarks he made yesterday about Senator Barrack Obama (D-Illinois)and Democratic presidential hopeful’s past drug use from his adolescence.

A Clinton top campaign official on Wednesday alluded to the past drug use of U.S Senator and Presidential Candidate Barack Obama (D-Illinois), as a possible vulnerability for him in the upcoming election.

This as Democratic front runner former first Lady and U.S Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (D- NY), finds her leads in the early voting states of Iowa and New Hampshire, as well as national numbers in some cases evaporating national surveys.

Clinton National campaign Co-Chair and former first spouse of New Hampshire Bill Shaheen made the reference to Obama’s adolescent alcohol and drug use that a few times included cocaine, which he has on occasion spoke about openly as well as in his ten year old autobiography Dreams of My Father,, in an interview with the Washington

Associated Press:

Shaheen, an attorney and veteran organizer, said much of Obama’s background is unknown and could be a problem in November 2008 if he is the Democratic nominee. He said Republicans would work hard to discover new aspects of Obama’s admittedly spotty youth.

“It’ll be, ‘when was the last time?’ ‘Did you ever give drugs to anyone?” said Shaheen whose wife Jeanne, is the state’s (New Hampshire’s)former Governor and is running for the U.S Senate next year.

“There are so many openings for Republican dirty tricks. Its hard to overcome,” Sheheen said.

The Clinton Campaign immediately disconnected themselves from the suggestion of Shaheen, and Shaheen himself later apologized for the comments.

MY TAKE: Obama’s campaign stated in its rebuttal to these comments that this is all a show of desperation by the Clinton campaign.

They are obviously right, Clinton has had a bad couple of weeks. Between her calculated stance on licences for illegal immigrants in October, to her vote on the Kyl Lieberman amendment that has been discredited by the latest N.I.E on Iran‘s now defunct nuclear weapons program.

However, Clinton’s tone has become much more aggressive over the course of the last few weeks, with her campaign digging into his past. Specifically comments he made in Kindergarten, where he said that he wanted to be President of the United States, which Clinton’s operatives say is evidence that he always wanted to be President.

Now I am not favoring one candidate over the other or disfavoring a particular candidate. However Hillary Clinton as far as long held ambitions needs to remember the old adage that people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

As far as the drug issue, I don’t think it will be a significant factor in the primaries nor the general election. Hopefully in America we have gotten beyond that. Then Texas Governor George W Bush’s alleged past cocaine use was not used to bludgeon his candidacy. Besides we are a different America then we were twenty-five, ten, or even five years ago.

Nearly everybody has or knows somebody who has smoked marijuana, besides it was over twenty years ago. That may not make it legal or right, but its true.



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  1. I dont think they should be able to disclose that kind of information…it was such a long time ago its irrelevent. & where did you get that pic? its awesome!

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