BoxObituaries- Controversial Rock n Roll trail blazzer and ex-husband to Tina Turner, dies at the age of 76

In Celebrities, music, obituaries on December 14, 2007 by Editor Z

Ike Turner, the rock pioneer whose image was tarnished by claims he battered his wife, died Wednesday at age 76.

Ike Turner, a musician credited with being a pioneer in the world of Rock N Roll and whose turbulent marriage to singer Tina Turner made headlines, died Wednesday at the age of 76. The cause of death was not stated.

Turner was born in Mississippi. Playing guitar and piano, he was part of the “Rhythm Kings”, who are frequently said to have released one of the first Rock n Roll albums in 1950s with the release of “Rocket 88” in the early 1950s, becoming one of a number of albums that awakened the world to a whole new genre and a whole new sound.

In 1958, as he was still in the infant years of his fame, Ike married Anna Mae Bullock. Bullock would become known to music lovers and the world as Tina Turner.

Eventually though, Ike’s reputation would be sullied by drug abuse and allegations that he used to physically abuse Tina. In the late 1970s they divorced and according to someone in Tina Turner’s inner circle responding to news of his death, the divorced couple had been estranged from one another for the past 35 years since the close of their marriage and nothing more was said regarding the death of Turner.

Their relationship was even made into a film staring Angela Bassett and Lawrence Fishburne, which took the name of the Tina Turner classic song, “What’s Love Got to do with it.”

Ike Turner was 76 years old.



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