Editor’s letter to Readers-New Poll Question: Should the Box endorse a Presidential Candidate ?

In 2008 Presidential Elections, Commentary, Editor's Notes, personal on December 15, 2007 by Editor Z

Should I openly endorse a Preesidential Candidate on Boxothoughts? That is the new poll question.

Been pondering this question recently. I have never wanted this to be a totally political blog although in recent posts and due in part to the time we live it has at times seemed to morph into just that, making me into a cyber political pamphleteer of some sort although I am certainly no Thomas Paine by any stretch of the imagination. Few if any who are in the mold of a mere mortal human would have the originality, creativity, intellect, elequence, or toil to be able to build a great cathedral of an idea into a concrete reality of that magnitude. I have absolutely no illusions about that.

But I have reported objectivly (well not shoe leather repoting I understand. After all I am a college student and lack the time and resources to do that regarding national issues), while presenting my view on issues and stories and just things discovered in this bottomless treasure chest known as the internet.Simaltaneously I have been trying to make the content on here more diverse. So if any of you have any suggestions please leave a comment below.

Anyway as everyone knows newspapers and magazines have always endorsed candidates and in an editorial where they reinforce that endorsement with a thoughtful and thought provoking editorial. Bloggers like Hugh Hewitt, a mitt Romney sycophant (who if he was any more smitten with Mitt Romney, he would come out as an open advocate for gay marriage), could also soon be entering the field. By the way that last link planted in there is just one of many articles where Hewitt fawns over Mitt Romney like a High School girl does over the High School football quarterback.

A new poll question will be posted which I am requesting every visitor to this sight should answer. Should I openly endorse a presidential candidate on this site, or not. If so or not please also leave a comments below stating why or why not.

I’d really appreciate it.



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