This Date in History Calendar- December 15

In Films/Film stars, Foreign Affairs, History, Native Americans, politics, Sioux Indians, Technology, World War I, World War II on December 15, 2007 by Editor Z

“Gone with the Wind” premieres in Atlanta, Georgia

Courtesy:, wikipedia, History channel

1890: Sioux Indian chief “Sitting Bull” is killed.

1914: Serbian forces makes gains as they seize the Serbian city of Belgrade from the Austro-Hungarians in the first year of World War I.

1917: Following the rise of Lenin and the Bolshevik party to power, Russia and the central powers sign an armistice, ending the Russian involvement in World War I.

1939: The classic film “Gone with the Wind” makes it debut, becoming the most popular movie in cinema history.

1942: Musician Dave Clark of the band the Dave Clark Five is born.

1945: Under his postwar occupation, U.S General Douglas MacArthur demands that Shinto no longer be regarded as the state’s official national religion.

1994: The completed version of Netscape Navigator web browser is made available to the public.

1998: the U.S House of Representatives issues a report supporting the recommendation that U.S President Bill Clinton face impeachment.



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