This Date in History Calendar- December 17

In cartoons, Cold War, Foreign Affairs, History, nukes, Technology, World War II on December 16, 2007 by Editor Z

The long running cartoon series “The Simpsons” debuted thius day in 1989.

Courtesy:, wikipeda, History Channel

1903: The first step in soaring to new heights in the infancy of the twentieth century, The Wright Brothers demonstrate their wright flyer (or what is considered to be an airplane) in kitty Hawk, North Carolina.

1944: One of the most brutal acts of World War II, when the Malmandy Massacre takes place, where German SS Kampfgruppe Peiper kill a number of American POWS, gunning them down.

1969: The grounds for the first Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty talks (Salt I) are laid.

1983: The Harrods Department Store bombing– The Irish Republican Army (IRA) bombs Harrods Department Store in London claiming the lives of seven people.

1987: The classic video game character mega man comes out in his first video game for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).

1989: Revolution is in the air in the communist controlled nation of Romania, when rioters break into and attempt to set fire to the Communist Party’s District Committee headquarters.

1989: The cartoon series “The Simpsons” debuts on the Fox television network.



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