U.S Justice Department scoffs at requests for evidence regarding the CIA Tapes

In Bush/Cheney Administration, Crime, Foreign Affairs, Injustice, war on terror on December 16, 2007 by Editor Z

The Bush Administration this weekend, called on a U.S Federal Judge and the U.S Congress to halt investigations into recent revelations that the CIA erased videos of two Al-Queda suspects, including a top Lieutenant of Al-Queda,facing interrogation methods that some would classify as torture, including “Water boarding”.

The U.S Justice Department has denied requests that documents regarding the tapes in question be turned over to congress,and has tried to dissuade a U>S Federal Judge from asking to see the information, stating they were not legally required to maintain the tapes and that investigations by the courts and congress could hamper the inquiry by the U.S Justice Department. In 2005 a U.S Judge called for any videos that might show harsh interrogation methods, be maintained. This occurred five months prior to the time they are believed to have been erased. The 9/11 Commission also was seeking to obtain any such tapes or documentation in their investigation.

Recent accounts in Newsweek show that ex-White house Counsel Harriet Miers had urged the CIA in 2005 not to destroy the tapes. But despite such requests the tapes were ultimately destroyed. And according to that same report Jose Rodriguez who was in charge of the Agencies espionage unit, decided on his own accord to erase the tapes.

Pertaining to the congressional efforts to investigate the destruction of the tapes U.S Attorney general and former federal Judge Michael Mukasey wrote that if such materials were handed over in this case it might give the idea that the U.S Justice Department was “subject to political influence.” The CIA however says it will cooperate with any investigations.

MY TAKE: If the White House wasn’t in on this, they should be DEMANDING and not stonewalling investigations. I mean supposedly they had defied the orders of the White House to erase these tapes. He should be out there aggressively demanding explanations. However much like in the Valarie Plame case they are not, so that at least gives the appearance that they are guilty of at least playing a part in the destruction of the tapes. Given this administrations loathing of the CIA, the Judaical system, the Congress (regardless of which party is in control), and thus the American people, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if they knowingly ordered or at least passively condoned the deletion of these tapes and the tactics employed on the detainees.

This is just another sign that our government is at war with itself, and the administration’s central objective is not to serve and protect, but to cater to the ideologues who support the Bush/Cheney Administration and revise history to comport with a more positive image of the Bush administration then reality presents, for the sake of history.

Also the U.S justice Department appearing to be “subject to political influence”? What do you think the incompetent idiot who came before you did? The firing of U.S Attorney’s who didn’t blindly follow the political demands of the White House? Wake up!



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