Romney insists that he is not Tickled Pink

In 2008 Presidential Elections, off-beat on December 17, 2007 by Editor Z

Mitt Romney’s house? No he owns a colonial house. But is that house pink?

On this Sunday’s Meet the Press, ex- Governor and Presidential hopeful W. Mitt Romney (R-Massachusetts), answered questions. One subject that has haunted the Romney campaign like a phantom has been his past employment of a groundskeeping company that is alleged to have hired illegal immigrants.

Russert confronted Romney on the issue with a December 2006 article from the Boston Globe.

Boston Globe:

“As Governor Mitt Romney explores a presidential bid, he has grown more outspoken in his criticism of illegal immigration. But, for a decade, the governor has used a landscaping company that relies heavily on workers like these, illegal Guatemalan immigrants, to maintain the grounds surrounding his pink colonial house.”

Romney then addressed the issue, as if using the language that justice seekers, abolitionists, civil right workers, labor leaders, and crusaders everywhere have used for decades. He deemed it egregious.

Meet The Press transcript:

“I have to clear up the most egregious error in that article,” responds Romney.

Okay so what is that most egregious claim? I know. That he hired groundskeepers? That he hired illegal immigrants? That he hired groundskeepers that were also illegal immigrants? That he owns a colonial house? Well close. This here was the pressing egregious claim in that article:

” I would not have a pink house I assure you.”

Romney then went on to address the issue of illegal immigration and the groundskeeping company, whose services he had acquired.

MY TAKE: That was the most egregious error? Well I can’t stop smiling and inside I know I am laughing as I write this. Above all though whatever you may think of Romney remember, for Gods sake remember he doesn’t have a pink house.

This is all real weird and just adds to a chain of weird stories and statements by Romney that occasionally arise. From his constant vacillation on the issues, to stories of how he used to tie the family dog Rufus in a box on the car roof as they traveled, to his “life-time” membership in the National rifle Association (NRA) which he had joined only a few months prior to that statement, to saying that he wouldn’t put a qualified practicing Muslim in a possible Romney Administration cabinet post because there just aren’t enough of them, and his hiring and recent firing of a landscaping company alleged to have hired illegal immigrants.

This just adds to the weirdness of this guy, who was only Governor of Massachusetts for a couple of years before he all but resigned two years before his term ended to campaign for President.

Having a pink house is egregious? An outrage that he would ever have such a thing. But seriously Romney has to appeal to his base. Predominately straight, white middle-aged gun- owning males, who view a pink house as a sign that they lack masculinity. In short they perfer the checkered flannel shirt to a pink upscale house. The Republican party is largely made up of those, and this guy is already attempting to revise the image of himself, as a stiff opportunistic liberal Republican Massachusetts Governor with flawless hair and the perfectly crafted look that only Stone Philips could match,while his poll numbers drop in the early primary states.

One more thing that would turn off gun owners and the Christian Right from this wealthy background with the flawless hair and stiff mannerisms, is if he lived in a house that resembled the frosting on the edge of a wedding cake.

To Conservatives, in their world view Pink equals feminine, and a man living in a pink house equals while lets just say… flamboyant.

So if you don’t know anything more about Willard Mitt Romney, remember. he doesn’t live in a pink house!



One Response to “Romney insists that he is not Tickled Pink”

  1. I think he’s secretly homosexual, thats why he’s making such a big deal about having a pink house.

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