The Little Congressman who could? Ron Paul’s Fundraising Bonanza

In 2008 Presidential Elections, politics on December 17, 2007 by Editor Z

Ron Paul: Low in the polls but on the internet he has caught a blaze.

Long-shot Republican Presidential hopeful and Texas Congressman Dr Ron Paul has once again broken through the low ceiling of expectations placed above him. Sunday in a stunning move, Paul and his supporters who say they are part of a “Ron Paul Revolution”, proved once again that he knows how to tap into the vast reserves of the political fundraising spring that is the Internet, in a fashion reminiscent of the 2004 Democratic Presidential campaign of ex- Vermont Governor and current Democratic National Committee Chairman (DNC) Howard Dean.

The campaign says that the Paul campaign raised 6 million dollars over the Internet, in the brief span of 24 hours, in an event to coincide with the 234th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party in Boston, Massachusetts. The average political donation by a supporter was $50.00. In November, Paul’s campaign reportedly raised $4.2 million dollars in November, at that time a record for fund raising in a twenty four hour time frame by any Republican. The campaign has referred to the successful recent fund raising effort as a “money bomb”. No doubt, it is a bomb that his fellow Republicans most likely wouldn’t mind having detonated in their campaigns. Supporters are said to have marched in Boston, throwing banners sporting words such as “tyranny” and “No taxation without representation” into a set of boxes that sat by Boston Harbor.

Paul, a libertarian maverick who is one of the few Republicans to have voted against the authorization of the Iraq war in 2002, calls for ending the occupation of Iraq, a more non-interventionist foreign policy, the elimination of the IRS, and shrinking government amongst other things, has gained a mass of small but dedicated adherents across the land. A rare Republican candidate in the party’s broad field of presidential hopefuls that people seem genuinely enthusiastic about. His youtube channel is a large hit, the most watched of all the Republican candidates if not all the Presidential candidates. TV personalities, radio talk show hosts, and bloggers who have derided him have often caught the wrath of his supporters via e-mail.

In debates he takes positions, especially on foreign policy, that often times are at odds and draw criticisms from his fellow Republican presidential hopefuls, whose foreign policy vision is often more aggressive, neo-conservative, and in line with the Bush Administration.

In recent weeks the campaign even purchased a blimp, bearing Paul’s name and instructing people to “Google: Ron Paul”.

However Paul remains low in the polls. Some of his positions and robust criticisms of President Bush, make the congressman for the 14th congressional District of Texas unlikely to win his party’s nomination. But he is more financially and politically equipped then any political observer coulld have imagined.

Each Presidential campaign seems to have a candidate in either one of the two political parties, an independent, or a third party candidate who has little chance of winning but nonetheless ignites a fire of passionate support with a small group of followers so intense that its light cannot be ignored. Attracting people who often feel otherwise neglected or indifferent to politics. In 1984 it was Gary Hart. Jack Kemp in 1988. In 1992 and 1996 it was Ross Perot. During 2000 it was Ralph Nader. Howard Dean was the renegade outsider in 2004. In 2008 at least on the Republican side it is the congressman from Texas Ron Paul.

In what appears to Republicans to be an otherwise largely fractured and disenchanted Republican field, where the excitement by the Democrats over their candidates seems to far exceed the low key support of the Republican contenders, other Republicans may do well to think over the vision of Paul and find someway to make that type of message thier own.


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  1. well written article man. as apathetic as i am about politics, i could see myself voting for someone in favor of degressing the policing of the world and reinstating the constitution

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