Pick me up some Canned air when you go to the store?

In off-beat, search for personal satisfaction, shopping on December 19, 2007 by Editor Z

Finding a way to sell us a natural resources we all already have but nonetheless need

You can now get air in a can? A company called Big OX is selling it. Why not they already charge you like $1.25 for a bottle of water? I wonder if this will catch on or be viewed as a must have item or that people will see it for the farce that it is. I mean I am an ardent supporter of clean air, but lets make the air itself clean instead of selling it in cans. It comes in different scents as pointed out.

Wonder if this will catch on like the vitamin and flavored water crazes.

By the way I have my own scent of canned air, its called Holyoke. It smells like car exhaust, asphalt, and housing projects. No offense to those living in housing projects, you guys smell fine.

What’s next dreams and nightmares in a box? Now there is an idea!

Saw this deal via


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