Lakota Sioux proclaim Independence from the U.S

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The Lakota Sioux Indians, they have now proclaimed soverign Nation Status.

The Lakota Sioux Indian tribe proclaimed they will seek soverign natin status, yesterday sovereign nation status. This means they have now pulled out of over a century’s worth of treaties with the U.S government. The territory in several Midwestern states could be affected.

Press Release:

“In order to stop the continuous taking of our resources, people, land, water, and children we have no choice but to claim our own destiny,” said Phylis Young, a former indigenous Representative to the United Nations and Representative from Standing Rock.

Property ownership in the five state area of Lakota now take center stage. Parts of North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Wyoming, and Montana have been illegally homesteaded for years despite knowledge of Lakota as predecessor sovereign [historic owners]. Lakota Representatives say if the United States does not enter into immediate diplomatic negotiations, liens will be filed on real estate transactions in the five state region clouding title over literally thousands of square miles.

So basically the Sioux feel that the U.S Government has broken several contracts they have made with the them over a period of several decades, when it comes to land set aside for them.

MY TAKE: I have somewhat of a personal tie to this. Some of my ancestors were well-known members of the Sioux Indians. My great great grandfather Charles Eastman (“Ohiyesa”) was a member of the Sioux and a doctor at the original massacre at wounded knee, as well as an author.

The Native Americans tragically, the people who have so enriched this land and communicated with the earth that pulsates with life have been the subjects of so much mistreatment over the course of history. They have really gotten the shaft.

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  1. You Forgot That We Are Also Related To Sitting Bull.

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