Happy World Orgasm Day!!!!!!!!!!!

In hahahas, off-beat, peace, Sex on December 22, 2007 by Editor Z

Just surfing the web and found out that today is global orgasm day. Ohhhhh yessss! Yesssss! Yessssssss, it is! So everyone around the globe is simaltaneously supposed to have an orgasm for peace. Now ordinarily would be the time when someone with no originality whatsoever would play the “When Harry Met Sally” famous orgasm scene. And you know what, this morning I lack originality.



2 Responses to “Happy World Orgasm Day!!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. You Have Entirely Too Much Time On Your Hands Woolly Willy

  2. WOOOHOOO HAPPY WORLD ORGASM DAY!! This is my new official favorite holiday….

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