In the Past Five years the decline in global conflicts has ended

In Foreign Affairs, War on December 22, 2007 by Editor Z

The Middle East is said, according to the report, to be where diplomatic efforts and solutions have been in the shortest supply, least effective, and the most necesscary.

A study released this past Friday indicates that the decline in global conflicts throughout the 1990s, in the wake of the Cold War, ended about five years ago and has remained steady in quantity ever since that year. This according to an annual study from the Uppsala University’s Department of Peace and Conflict Research and their conflict data program which tracks the number of such conflicts.

The study states that since 2002 the number of conflicts has been around 30 worldwide. Not surprisingly Africa and the Middle East are the hot spots, as some conflicts are spreading tension into surrounding states.Conflicts are also tending to last longer and diplomatic efforts have been either less effective or less employed then they were prior to 2002.

However the number of conventional conflicts, and incidents such as the kind in Myanmar this year and in Rwanda in the mid 1990s are lessening.

The Middle East is not surprisingly seen to be the least stable and rife with the most tensions and conflict. Instability in Pakistan, the lack of serious diplomatic efforts on the part of the United States and the global community, the war on terror, the War in Afghanistan,the U.S occupation of Iraq, as well as religious and sectarian differences are just some of the seeds of resentment and causes of present and possibly future conflicts that could surface and come into fruition.

Strife and the grim chaotic trappings that accompany warfare and ethnic conflict have also spilled into surrounding states or at least created tensions (such as in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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