BoxObituaries One of the Last American World War I veterans dies at age 109

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J Russell Coffey was one of the last surviving U.S World War I veterans.

One of the last three known U.S Army Veterans of World War I, has died at the age of 109.

It is unknown where he had died, but J Russell Coffey was from Ohio and was born in 1898, just as the 19th century was in its sunset and the twentieth century’s sunshine was awakening to shed light on the coming century.

He never actually served in combat, having been still in training when the war came to an end. nevertheless when his country summoned him to action, he was there.

The rest of his life seems rather humble, from the accounts read. Following his days in the army he returned to his home state of Ohio, where for a time played a bit of baseball at the semi-pro tier for a living, before enter the field of education, teaching at High School as well as college level.

His wife and even some of his only child, a daughter, died before he did. His life as earlier stated sounds ordinary, but maybe that is partially why he is worth reading about.

A man who lived in a time before television, radio, the automobile, and a million other items, practices, problems, and solutions arrived that feel to us today as if they had been their always since time itself first began.

Living from the time the first cars were emerging from the whom of the blue prints and factories and into the bloodstream of America and the world, up till today when devices such as the Internet allow us to access things at the click of the mouse, and every other technological development, cultural reshaping,and monumental event in between.

MY TAKE: Sorry if I rambled on back there. But I bet conversing with someone who has lived that long and witnessed the reshaping of the world over such a lengthy span of time is fascinating, especially since there are so few from his era and the conflict he fought in still alive.

It would be great just to interview or just sit down and have a coffee with someone who has witnessed, over a century’s worth of life the changing of our world.



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  1. i totally agree with your take i love hearing old people tell their life stories; its really fascinating. It must suck to be a hundred and nine though…

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