J Edgar Hoover planned sweeping Detention of thousands

In Cold War, U.S government, U.S History, war on terror on December 23, 2007 by Editor Z

J Edgar Hoover sought to suspend Habeus Corpus and detain thousands deemed to be disloyal in perpituity.

Legendary and notorious are words that could be used by both admirers and critics of ex-FBI director J Edgar Hoover urged the U.S Government suspend the writ of habeus Corpus and permanatly detain as many as 12,000 people who the he deemed to be ‘disloyal’.

The request came at the height of the Cold War, as legal boundaries were being questioned by some in the climate of rampant fear that marked the early years of the Cold War.

President Truman received the power to allow such detentions for individuals who met the rather vague criteria of being “radical” or of being a threat to National security. However despite being given such power, Truman never suspended habeus Corpus.

MY TAKE: In my view J Edgar Hoover (alongside such people as Senator Joseph McCarthy) did more damage then just about anyone else in a position of power has ever done to hurt and abuse the American people.

Luckily back then we had leaders who stood up for our rights, and even when they had the ability to use such powers they didn’t heed the fear mongering calls of Hoover, at least on this plan. Sadly can’t say that we have the same thoughtful, moral, and competent “leaders” today. The Bush/Cheney team just dusted off old J Edgar’s dictatoral, anti-constitutional rights playbook and implemented it fifty-five years after it was concieved.
Hoover, like Bush/Cheney and thier ilk do nowadays, tended to operate on the premise that anything even breaking the law and violating this nation’s most precious moral values ( those enshrined in the constitution), is justified if done in the name of defeating a foe or protecting the American people. That any questioning of the consequences of such an action is subversive.

His supporters would likely call that security. But sacrificing one’s constitutional liberties for the promise of total security which can never be guaranteed can rightfully be called another thing. National and moral suicide.

Dick Cheney has been channeling J Edgar Hoover? That possibility isn’t suprising, but its about as comfortable as having sex with a porky pin.



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