This Date in History Calendar- December 24: Merry Christmas Eve

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Classic Christmas song “Silent Night” first composed.

Courtesy:, wikipedia, History Channel

1818: The classic Christmas anthem “Silent Night” is composed.

1865: A number of Confederate war Generals create the Ku Klux Klan.

1906: First radio broadcast is transmitted by Dr Reginald Fesseden.

1914: The “Christmas truce” between the allied and central powers in World War I, to celebrate Christmas begins.

1941: During World War II the Japanese Army seizes the Chinese city of Hong Kong. 1943: In the midst of World War II U.S General Dwight D Eisenhower becomes the first Supreme Allied Commander.

1954: The NBC radio crime series “Dragnet” becomes the first network sponsored television series.

1968: The Americans, captured aboard the USS Pueblo, who are held by the North Koreans, are set free.

1969: Violence and mayhem breaks out at the the Rolling Stone’s Altmount concert.

1979: In a brazen move that would agitate many in the Arab world as well as the west, the Soviet Union invades Afghanistan.



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  1. is the song in german?

  2. I dont know.

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