One of President Ford’s Assasins Let Out on Parole

In assasination, History, politics, U.S Presidents on January 1, 2008 by Editor Z

Sara Jane Moore, who had attempted to assasinate then U.S President Gerald Ford

A woman who nearly became a presidential assasin was allowed to exit a California prison this morning on parole.

In September of 1975, Sara Jane Moore, a mentally unstable FBI informant and leftist revolutionary stood across the street from a hotel in San Fransisco where then President Gerald Ford was staying,nearly gunned him down. She likely would have hit Ford had it not been for an ex-Marine who witnessed Moore take aim at the President and then pushed her arm aide causing the gun to fire and just narrowly miss Ford, thereby sparing his life and allowing him to emerge from the incident intact and uninjured.

It was in a time where political assasinations in the U.S were tragically commonplace (John F Kennedy,Robert Kennedy, Medgar Evans, Malcolm X, Dr Martin Luther King, George Wallace, Fred Hampton, etc).

Moore, then 45 years of age, was sentenced to life in prison for her crime. In 1989 she briefly had escaped from prison but soon was back in custody.

Although initially she expressed remorse only for not successfully killing Ford at the time, recently she stated that she regretted her attempt on his life.

Ford died late in 2006, at the age of 93, however he was staunchly opposed to her receiving any parole and being released from prison.

MY TAKE: It is outrageous that this woman is being released back into the general public. In 2005 John Hinckley, the mentally disturbed man who attempted to assassinate U.S President Ronald Reagan back in 1981, was granted permission to leave the institution where had been housed for twenty-five years to occasionally spend a night at the homes of his parents.

Moore is now 77. But still, rehabilitated or not, her crime merits a sentence of life in prison.

Mark David Chapman, who gunned down ex-Beatles singer John Lennon was mentally ill and has been in locked away since he commited his crime in 1980. Should he now be set free to mingle in society? Or how about Sirhan Sirhan, the young Jordanian immigrant who in 1968 opened fire and killed Robert Kennedy, he must be fairly old by now why not release him?

These were brazen acts of cold blooded murder meant to inject fear into the public and pursue their own craven view of the world by way of the bullet, and Gerald Ford very nearly almost became a victim of such madness.

Source: Reuters


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