Nader praises the efforts of Edwards

In 2008 Presidential Elections, History, politics on January 2, 2008 by Editor Z

Nader blasts Presidential Candidate Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) as a “corporate Democrat” and gives Kudos to the campaign of Ex-Senator John Edwards (D-NC).

Less then a week before the January 3 Iowa Caucuses are to take place, consumer advocate and three time third party candidate Ralph Nader has come out in praise of Democratic Presidential hopeful Senator John Edwards.

Edwards, the former U.S Senator for North Carolina and 2004 Democratic Vice Presidential candidate, has been running a campaign of aggressive economic populism and aggressive reform in Washington DC.

Nader complimented Edwards campaign against special interests and corporate excesses, in a recent interview. He, like Edwards has long railed against what Edwards calls “entrenched corporate greed”, and like Edwards, Nader refers to Clinton as a “corporate Democrat”, a product of the Washington political environment who has close ties to corporate America.

“Its the only time I’ve heard a Democrat talk that way in a longtime,” Nader said, acknowledging what was , for him a rare moment of praise for a Democratic leader.

“Iowa should decide what candidate stands for us,” he added.”Edwards is at least highlighting day after day that the issue is who controls our country: big business or the people.”

Many say that a win for Edwards in Iowa is essential. His candidacy remains strong and he is percieved to be one of the top three frontrunners on the Democratic side. However fellow Democratic frontrunners Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) and Senator Barack Obama (D-Ill), often eclipse his message and appeal in terms of media, polls , and fundraising.

Nader, a former Democrat himself has long been critical of the party for not confronting corporate entities that he says have too much influence on the inner workings of Washington.

In 1996, he first ran for president on the Green Party ticket. But in 2000 his long shot bid was more talked about and became more notorious in the election between then Vice President Al Gore and then Texas Governor George W Bush. Subsequently the election came down to the disputed count of votes in the state of Florida, as allegations of partisanship and turning away voters in heavily Democratic regions of the state were reported. Many think had Nader not been in the race and siphoned votes from Gore, he presumably would have garnered enough votes to have won the election with a clear plurality of the popular vote, and thereby would have had the presidency.

Many progressives and Democrats are still acrimonious towards Nader for his candidacy, which they believe ceded the election to George W Bush. In 2004 he ran on an independent ticket, after the Green party selected another candidate. But his share of the vote was insignificant in terms of numbers. Some have been quietly asking whether or not Nader will make a run in 2008. Nader though has not said whether he will enter the race either as an independent or a third party candidate. But Nader has yet to say whether he will or not.

MY TAKE: If Edwards is the nominee, Nader will not run. Its unclear if Obama, Biden, Richardson, or Dodd whether or not he will run. However if Clinton is the Democratic nominee, it can almost be assured that he will run for President either as an independent or as the candidate of the Green party. Nader has a strong disdain for the strong bonds the Clinton’s and others in their camp have with corporations and big business.



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