Heavy Stuff- Two Men Banned and Overcharged for Eating Too Much

In food/drink, hahahas, health, off-beat on January 3, 2008 by Editor Z

Not an actual photo of the two men in the story

It was “all you could eat” and literally they certainly did that. Now two men are saying they felt discriminated against. So attention all restaraunt owners if you see a disabled 6’3 265 lb man with a thick Lousisana accent, with a 277lb relative, hide the upscale sea food.


Ricky Labit, a 6 foot 3 disabled off shore worker said he had been a regular at the Manchuria Restaraunt, eatting there as often as three times a week . But on his most recent visit, he said a waitress gave him and his wife’s cousin , Michael Borrelli, a bill for $46.40, roughly double the buffet price for two adults.

“She says, ‘y’all fat’ and ‘y’all eat too much,” Labit said.

Labit and Borrelli said they felt discriminated against because of thier size.

“I was stunned that somebody would say something like that. I ain’t that fat, I only weigh 277,” Borrelli said.

Only 277lbs? Are we going to have to get to the point where we actually have to start indexing the weight of what is considered to be obeese and what is not?

“Another lobster for those guys? What the hell, they have already eatin like what my whole family?”



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