Richardson Rumored to Have Encouraged Supporters to Back Obama as a Second Choice

In 2008 Presidential Elections, History, politics on January 3, 2008 by Editor Z

Second Tier candidate Gov Bill Richardson (D-NM)

Hours from tonight’s Iowa Caucuses, with the first ballots of the 2008 Presidential race to be cast for each party’s nominee, news of a second tier candidate possibly guiding his supporters to back fellow presidential hopeful and one of the perspective front runners, if he doesn’t meet the portion to remain a viable option that the Democratic caucus requires.

The report from the Iowa Independent says that in the event that Governor Bill Richardson (D-NM), doesn’t receive 15% of the vote, which is the minimum to remain relevant in the Caucus, they should then back Senator Barrack Obama (D-Ill), who polls show is somewhere in the top three to win the caucuses.

However the Richardson Campaign, which was said to have made the deal with the Obama campaign now denies that claim. Despite his extensive resume as a U.S Congressman, United Nations Ambassador, diplomat, former Energy Secretary, and two term governor of new Mexico, Richardson has been eclipsed by the three front runners (Clinton, Obama, and Edwards) in the race thus far.

Yesterday it was announced that long shot candidate Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) who has campaigned fervently for an end to the Occupation of Iraq and who according the polls has about 1% support, has urged his backers to support Obama in the Caucuses if he doesn’t meet the 15% standard.

MY TAKE: If true this is good news for Obama. Clinton’s support is solid amongst many establishment Democrats. However if there is a big turnout and the second tier candidates encourage their backers to Obama as a second option, then Obama could eek out a victory against Hillary Clinton and John Edwards.

On the other hand one can examine this from another angle. Perhaps Richardson would throw his support behind Obama, so in the later states he could be more competitive against Obama then against Clinton. Still Richardson has not had nearly as much success as Clinton in fundraising, so its fairly hard to see how Richardson could forge ahead without getting in the top three tonight or at least a close 4th if the final numbers are real tight.



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