Iowa Caucus Results- Huckabee & Obama winners

In 2008 Presidential Elections, politics on January 4, 2008 by Editor Z

Winners of the Iowa Cacuses: Republican Mike Huckabee (left) and Democrat Barack Obama (right)

The Iowa Caucuses were underway last night, the first votes cast for the nominations of each political party. Huckabee won the Republican nomination, the ordained Baptist minister turned Lt Governor, turned Governor of Arkansas won largely on his unique message of economic populism, affable manner, and conservative stances on social issues, benefited from a heavy turnout of evangelical and social Conservatives, as well as those rural Iowans that would be most partial to his message.

On the Democratic side Senator Barack Obama (D-Ill), benefited from a high turn out of independents who backed him, as well as younger women, first time caucus goers, and being the second choice of candidates who didn’t meet the 15% standard required to participate in the Caucuses. Data shows his message of change resonated deeply with Caucus goers over Clintons’ message of experience.

Here are the results:

Obama: 38%
Edwards: 30%
Clinton: 29%
Richardson: 2%
Biden: 1%
Dodd: 0
Kucinich: 0
Gravel: 0

Romney: 25%
Thompson: 13%
McCain: 13%
Paul: 10%

At the end of the Caucuses after the results had poured in, Democrats Dodd, Biden, and Gravel officially dropped out of the race ending their campaigns for the nomination. Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) and Governor Bill Richardson (D-NM) remain in the race as of this writing. No Republicans candidates have yet to announce an end to their campaigns. Tuesday will be the New Hampshire Primary, the next contest for each parties nominees.

UPDATE: My initial report and reports on MSNBC declared that long shot Democratic candidate Mike Gravel had ended his bid for the Democratic nomination. But according to Gravel’s website his campaign continues.

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