Clinton, McCain win New Hampshire Primaries

In 2008 Presidential Elections, politics on January 9, 2008 by Editor Z

McCain and Clinton win thier party’s primaries in New Hampshire.

Two large upsets and two resurrections from the possibility of a political abyss last night in New Hampshire. In the days leading up to the New Hampshire primary Tuesday night, polling showed Senator John McCain (R-AZ), rising in the polls against former Governor Mitt Romney (R-MA), in the Granite state’s Republican Primary. New Hampshire had become all the more crucial to Romney, the former Governor of neighboring Massachusetts, after losing in New Hampshire.Despite his second place showing though, Romney’s campaign states that he will remain in the race.

However the amazing finish of the night came from the Democrats. Ex-first lady and U.S Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY), defied the odds and the predictions nearly days after her third place finish in Iowa, by narrowly winning in New Hampshire. Conventional wisdom as well as the polling numbers predicted that U.S Senator and Iowa Caucus winner Barack Obama (D-Ill), would be victorious again.

Numbers from- USA


McCain- 37%

Romney- 32%

Huckabee- 11%

Giuliani- 9%

Paul- 8%

Thompson- 1%


Clinton- 39%

Obama- 36%

Edwards- 17%

Richardson- 5%

Kucinich- 1%

Gravel- 0

There are a multitude of factors that likely contributed to the surprising Clinton victory. Independents, as they did in 2000, may have gone for McCain in wider margins then expected leaving Obama with a smaller pool of Independents then anticipated. In Iowa, many candidates who did not meet the 15% requirement to be viable, ended up choosing Obama as their second choice. In New Hampshire and in a Primary a participant doesn’t need to choose another candidate. New Hampshire between Bill Clinton’s first run in 1992, his run for re-election in 1996, and a great deal of campaigning in this election cycle are much more familiar with Clinton and Obama still although a national and even household name at this point, still isn’t as known to the People of New Hampshire, as much as the people of Iowa had become acquainted with the first term senator. Clinton however who has been in the national spot light for close two decades is a known factor.

MY TAKE: The race on the Democratic side, despite the conventional wisdom is far from over. Democrats want to win and just like their reluctance so far to unanimously crown Clinton the party’s nominee , there is that same hesitation to do so with Obama. I wouldn’t be surprised if Edwards ends up winning the South Carolina primary. Just like with the Republicans, it appears the Democrats now are in just as much indecision about their nominee.



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