Council man proposes rules that would ban obscenity in Missouri bars

In off-beat, stupidity on January 10, 2008 by Editor Z

A city Councilman in St Charles Missouri is proposing some new restrictions on behavior in local barrooms. This is being done it is said to keep order in areas such as Main street. Well here are the rules:


Among the rules: no open bar, no drinking games or contests, no dancing on tables, and no indecent, profane, or obscene language, songs, entertainment, and literature.

Some are obviously complaining that some of these are regulations on free speech (which is not surprising).

But the Councilman Richard Veit who is proposing these regulation says that he is being reasonable and that patrons can still have fun.

He Says “I actually think there are things that people wish I was doing that I’m not going to do like shutting down the bars and stuff and that would be being the fun police.”

MY TAKE: Ok Councilman Buzz kill, are you making these rules for bars or pre-schools. Bars are places where obscenity, alchool fueled jocularity, and lust are supposed to reign free. You know where us adults can go to engage in these activities so we don’t bring them out fully into wider society.

Hasn’t this guy ever heard of freedom of speech? This is one of the things that irks me the most. Moral purists who want to sanitize and censor speech, expression, and activity everywhere, even where there are no children, to turn back the clock through legislating morality, even at the expense of free speech and expression. We have tried that before. It was called prohibition and it didn’t work.



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