FBI Slaking on Paying its Phone Bills.

In Bush/Cheney Administration, stupidity, war on terror on January 11, 2008 by Editor Z

The U.S constitution is one thing, but not paying your phone bill thats where the telecomm giants draw the line.

A recent audit shows that the constitutionally questionable warrantless domestic wiretapping program, pushed by the Bush Administration and used to listen in on “terrorists” phone calls, ceased for a time due to unpaid telecom bills.

This finding was revealed in a report compiled after a recent audit of the FBI to find ways of keeping closer track of funding.

Associated Press:

Over half of 990 telecom bills were not paid on time, the report shows.

FBI insits that the stopping of the program was only temporary and didn’t affect any of the cases in question.

MY TAKE: Many things changed as a result of 9/11. The Bush/Cheney administration seems to even think the U.S constitution changed because of 9/11. But one thing that hasn’t changed and never will change come nuclear war, terrorists attacks, or whatever. You always have to pay your phone bills. Got that Rudy Gulliani? 9/11 didn’t change everything!

Also if that program was so crucial, why didn’t they pay the bills on time?

This also gives me an excuse to play this didactic video on how to operate an old fashion rotary phone.



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