BoxObituaries- Explorer Sir Edmund Hillary Dies at Age 88

In Celebrities, History, obituaries on January 12, 2008 by Editor Z

Explorer Sir Edmund Hillary Died at the age of 88.

Sir Edmund Hillary, who became one of the twentieth century’s most famous explorers and expanded the frontier’s of possibility when he became the first person to successfully make his way up and reach the sharp peak of Mount Everest, died Thursday at age 88.

Hillary was a professional beekeeper and native New Zealander, before making household headlines and reaching global prominence, when in 1953 he scaled Mount Everest what is considered to be the world’s tallest Mountain,alongside his guide Tanzing Norgay. He so captivated the world with this accomplishment that just four days later he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II as Sir Edmund Hillary.

Despite this bold feat and his new found notoriety though, Hillary remained humble and shied away from fame, referring to himself as a man of “modest abilities” when it came to mountaineering. He spent his later years as a tireless champion of Nepal Sherpa mountain people, devoting his reservoir of energies and time into aiding them.

For more details on the life and times of Sir Edmund Hillary check out these below:

National Geographic

New York Times




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