Praise the Lord, and pass the Kilos?

In Crime, jerks, stupidity on January 12, 2008 by Editor Z

I am not a person big into religion or fluent neither in the texts nor tenets of religion. But I am certain that cocaine and cocaine smuggling are two things Jesus would not do!


A man dressed as a Priest caught at Amsterdam’s airport with three kilos of Cocaine under his vestments claimed to Police that the packages contained “Holy Sand,” Dutch Police said.

Police stopped the man at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport as he was transiting on a flight from South America, Robert Van Aapel a spokesman for the Dutch Royal Military police told CNN by phone Saturday.

“He refused to be searched saying that he was a religious person and it wasn’t allowed,” Van Aapel said.

If by Holy sand, he means Godly sand that you can snort up your nose and have a mad rush of sketchy delusions, then yeah. There is no such thing as Holy sand in the Christian or Catholic faiths, only Holy water unless there is a holy beach somewhere with both these things that I don’t know about.

And if this Holy sand he speaks of was in fact Holy, how come this man here hasn’t been canonized as a saint!



One Response to “Praise the Lord, and pass the Kilos?”

  1. wow…thats so wrong but wicked funny. WHAT WOULD JESUS DO>? lol

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