Rest in Peace Katie (1984-2008)

In Editor's Notes, obituaries, personal on January 12, 2008 by Editor Z

Katie Chalifoux (1984-2008)

I just learned that a fellow student and friend from my days in Elementary School Katie Chalifoux, passed away on Friday January 4 at the young age of 23 from a blood clot in her lung .I had spoken to Katie once in the course of about eight years a few months ago online, when she was in France.

She was always filled with joy, talkative, and happy.

I remember her and knew her since I was in the first grade. May she rest in peace, for she was truly an angel. God bless you Katie.

For more about Katie and the life she led, go to this webpage.

She will surely illuminate the heavens with the light of both her smile and personality.



2 Responses to “Rest in Peace Katie (1984-2008)”

  1. i’m sorry alex. 😦 I’m sure she was a wonderful person.

  2. awww, this is so sad. rip katie.

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