Controversial Chess Champion Bobby Fischer, Dead at 64

In Celebrities, Cold War, obituaries on January 18, 2008 by Editor Z

Bobby Fischer, the Chess prodigy turned controversial figure died yesterday at the age of 64 in Iceland.His death is attributed to Kidney failure.

Fisher was born in Chicago Illinois in 1943. At age six he discovered the game that would make him a global name, a figure in the anals of Chess history. He began competing in championships until 1972, when he competed in the 1972 Chess Championship.

His 1972 Chess Championship victory over a Soviet chess player, was a small victory for the U.S in the Cold War, when the U.S image and psyche was shattered by the Vietnam War. Fischer broke the mold,as no non Soviet had prevailed in the tournament, since World War II.

But Fischer was often seen as erradic and tempestous. He demanded perfect conditions to play,and mostly shyed away from pubic attention.

Again, he would find himself in the spotlight in 1992, after a lengthy retreat from the public, when in defiance of global sanctions against Yugoslavia, Fischer participated in a chess match with his 1972 rival.

Soon he would disappera once again from the public eye. But occasionally he would resurface with controversial statements rabidly anti-United States as well as anti-semetic.

In recent years he renounced his United States citizenship and lived in Europe. He would be arrested in 2004, on charges of “passport irregularities”.

Following that incident he moved to Iceland, where yesterday he passed away.

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