This Date in History Calendar- January 22

In Feminism, History, Technology, television, World War I, World War II on January 22, 2008 by Editor Z

The United Mine Workers of America was established in 1889.

Courtesy:, wikipedia, History Channel

1890: The labor union the United Mine Workers of America is formed.

1905: In the Russian Capitol city of St Petersburg,when workers and peasants march towards the czar’s winter palace are fired on by the Russian military in “Bloody Sunday”.

1917: As World War I draws to an end and Europe slowly emerges from the ashes of global war, U.S President Woodrow Wilson calls for “Peace without Victory”.

1944: During World War II allied forces begin “Operation Shingle”, an allied attack on the Italian city of Anzio.

1947: KTLA becomes the first commercial television station west of the Mississippi River.

1957: As the Suez War Crisis ensues, Israel withdraws from the Sinai Peninsula.

1968: A B-52 aircraft with a hydrogen bomb on board crashes in Greenland.

1968: The sketch comedy show Rowan and Martin’s “Laugh-In” premiers on NBC.

1973: The decision on Roe V Wade is decided by the U.S Supreme Court, knocking down barriers to legal abortion.

1984: The Apple Macintosh computer is introduced in the famous Superbowl “1984” tv ad.



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