Latest in the Death of Heath Ledger

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Film Actor Heath Ledger (1979-2008), who died Wednesday.

A day following the death of Australia born film actor Heath Ledger’s shocking death, it said by medical examiners that the results are still unclear.

Ledger, 28, who had the squared jaw, smile, and good looks of a matinee idol, was discovered dead yesterday when he someone tried waking him from a nap in a New York apartment he recently is said to have rented from former child star Mary-Kate Olsen.

His death as shocked many as he was an up and coming star with a career that seemed to be soaring, was found unconscious. Originally it was reported that sleeping pills were found scattered about the bedroom. However new reports state that the sleeping pills were around, but were in bottles and not loose scattered about the room, as police also revealed that a rolled up $20 bill was also found. Police will conduct tests on the bill, however police later clarified that there were no illegal narcotics discovered on the scene.

Ledger began his career at a very young age (in his late teens). He played the role of a tough guy who falls for the obnoxious loner played by Julia Stiles in “Ten Things I Hate About You” and in the teen popcorn movie “A Knight’s Tale”.

But in recent years especially, he began maturing in his choice of roles. Like so many so-called “pretty faces” such as James Dean, Marlon Brando at the sunrise of his career, and Sean Penn and decided to move away from the more stud muffin image and develop as an artist such as in one of his most recent roles in the acclaimed film “I’m Not There”, where he played a dimension of folk singer Bob Dylan, as he played a frustrated young actor dealing with the burdens of fame. In “Brokeback Mountain” in 2005, he was nominated for an academy award, in the story of two gay Midwesterners struggling with their feelings for each other.

Many are surprised by the sudden death of Ledger, as he wasn’t known in the press as a destructive “wild child type”, wrestling with personal demons and dabbling in excesses.

A makeshift collection of flowers and messages has been assembled outside his apartment building by distressed fans and those passing by.

Ledger is survived by his ex-fiance actress Michelle Williams, whom he had broken up with in recent months and the couple’s 2-year-old daughter Matilda.

Update (9:00pm/et)- TMZ reports that the NYPD claims that the medicines found in the late actor Heath Ledger’s apartment were noted anti-insomnia medications: xanax, vallum, Ativan, Lunesta, Restoril, all housed in bottles that were fairly full.



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  1. The Joker is what killed him…method acting is dangerous

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