This Date in History Calendar- January 23

In Films/Film stars, History, off-beat, Technology, U.S History, World War II on January 24, 2008 by Editor Z

Kruger’s Finest Beer becomes the first beer to be sold in cans in the U.S.

Courtsey:, wikipedia, History Channel

1848: A race to prosperity with the start of the Gold Rush, when gold is discovered in a mill in Sacramento.

1907: The Boy Scout movement is first established.

1916: The U.S Supreme Court rules that the U.S income tax is constitutional, in a case known as Brushaberv .V. Union Pacific Railroad.

1918: Russia adopts the Georgian calendar.

1924: Days following the death of the first Soviet leader Vladamir Lenin the Russian capitol city of Petrograd is renamed Leningrad in his honor.

1927: In Great Britain, Director Alfred Hitchcock’s first film ” The Pleasure Garden” is released in theaters.

1935: For the first time beer is sold in cans in the U.S.

1943: The Casablanca Conference during World War II between British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and U.S President Franklin Delano Roosevelt concludes.



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