F_ c k the FAA

In hahahas, off-beat on January 26, 2008 by Editor Z

Wonder if they will listen to him now?

Unresponsive Bureaucracy can bring about desperate or unconventional methods in getting their message heard. Michael Hall, a resident in the small town of Ridley Township with his girlfriend found themselves in just such a position.

Since about a month or so ago, when a new departure route from Philadelphia up to New York City was being reconstructed, the thunder of planes roaring in flight over Hall’s small single floored house has increased greatly. According to Hall he phoned the F.A.A complaint hot line as many as twenty times, but to no avail as each time.

With his grievances falling upon deaf ears and no other platform to distribute his message, two months ago Hall and his live-in girlfriend resorted to raising the roof, or climbing up onto to the roof rather. So with an hour of time, a gallon of paint, a ladder, and a “mad as hell and I am not gonna take it anymore” passion stirring within; he ascended to the roof and painted a message that makes Hall’s feelings loud and clear.

In seven foot long letters he wrote the words: F— U F.A.A No Fly Zone, along with the illustration of a plane and a circle with a slash going through it.

Despite the photos in the press, Hall didn’t edit his words all for letters of the infamous “f-word” were painted on the rooftop.

No word as to rather or not their has been a let up in the noise as of this posting.



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