Fox News Reporter Forgets that Lincoln was Assasinated

In assasination, Broadcasting, Bush/Cheney Administration, Chattering classes/punditry, media, off-beat, stupidity, television, U.S Presidents on January 26, 2008 by Editor Z

The Fox News Channel is no stranger to being accused of going out of their way to defend members of the Bush/Cheney administration. Soon there will even be a special about the “extraordinary consequential President”, when this Sunday they do an hour long profile of George W Bush ( whose approval rating is just a few points above syphilis right now), hosted by Brett Baier.

Baier, a former Pentagon correspondent and now a White House Correspondent has in the past done profiles of high profile controversial Bush/Cheney administration officials such as Donald Rumsfeld (“Rumsfeld’s War”) and late last year (vice) President Dick Cheney (“No Retreat“).

On the network’s website describing the special it states that the profile will be “an unflinching fair and balanced look at the nation’s 43rd President.”

Some might say that is a tall order for Fox. After all having Fox News, the network owned by Conservative media tycoon Rupert Murdoch who owns Newscorp which runs Fox News and is managed by ex- Republican adviser Roger Ailes, is like well having the Fox guard the hen house. But the least they could do is have their White House correspondent know some of the rudiments of basic U.S Presidential History. Like that oh ….. that LINCOLN WAS ASSASSINATED! If you don’t believe me checkm out the National Archieves, any research done or book written about Abraham Lincoln. Or ask any 1st grader!

Baier stepped into it when talking about the special on “The News Desk with Martha MacCallum”. Here is what he said.


We talked alot about President Lincoln. And there’s going to be a lot of people out there who watch this hour and say is he trying to equate himself with Lincoln?

I tell you what– he thinks about Lincoln and the tough times he had during the Civil War. 600,000 dead. The country essentially hated him when he was leaving office.

And the President reflects on that. This is a President who is really reflecting on his place in history.

Okay. First off there are extreme differences between Abraham Lincoln and George W Bush. Lincoln grew up poor and Bush grew up rich. Lincoln was humble and intellectually curious. Bush… well lets just say he has an ego the size of China and an intellect that makes Paris Hilton look more and more like Albert Einstein each day. Lincoln didn’t start the Civil War, past tensions were already bubbling up when he entered office. Lincoln sought to help rebuild a nation and elevate African Americans to economic and social equality in the aftermath of great tragedy. George W Bush was inept in his response to a Hurricane that left new Orleans in shambles.
Lincoln didn’t tell 935 lies that led us into an unjust idiotic war in the middle of Arabia. Lincoln actually won a war while George Bush while u know. Oh and I could go on forever with the contrasts between the two.

Another thing, as if Baier hadn’t made himself sound foolish enough by trying to give the George W is Abraham Lincoln comparison even a fig leaf of anything resembling credibility, Baier forgot one thing. One trhing that was a huge tragedy that shook the nation and forever altered history and had a major impact on what would have been considered the duration of Lincoln’s second term in office. Lincoln didn’t leave office in disgrace. HE WAS ASSASSINATED YOU IDIOT! he didn’t leave office, although I guess one could argue dying is leaving office, but unlike Bush in 2004, Lincoln was re-elected by a large margin.

Call me crazy but somehow I don’t think we will be having George W Bush Day anytime in the near or distant future, nor do I think his face will be printed on the five dollar bill.

Baire now stands alongside White House Press Secretary Dana “What was the Cuban Missile Crisis” Perino and George W “The reason why we lost in Vietnam was that we left” Bush, as in dire need of a good history lesson. Guess this just illustrates that horrible state of our education system.



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