This Just In: Barack Obama is the Winner.

In 2008 Presidential Elections, politics on January 27, 2008 by Editor Z

Just as polls are closing in South Carolina in today’s South Carolina Democratic Primary, MSNBC states that Senator and Presidential contender Barack Obama (D-Illinois) is the victor by “a substantial margin”. No precise numbers have yet been disclosed or released, but Obama is the winner according to MSNBC.

Ex-first Lady and New York Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton is said to come in a distant second and former North Carolina Senator and 2004 Democratic Vice Presidential candidate John Edwards will trail in third place.

More details as they trickle in.

Obama is said to have done well amongst African-Americans, college educated whites, and whites under age 30.

Update: 9pm ET

With 98% of the vote now recorded according to MSNBC:

Obama: 55%
Clinton: 27%
Edwards: 18%
Kucnich: 0

Results from exit polls show Obama received support from 8 in 10 black men as well as black women, in a primary where as much as 50% of those who voted in the Democratic primary were African-Americans. Obama also garnered 25% of the white vote, and was strong with both white males with a college education, as well as those beneath the age of 30.

As many as 60% of voters said issues took precedent over personality, and despite the heralding of Clinton’s experience by she and her husband former President Bill Clinton, Obama won over those voters by a large margin.

To read more details about the exit figures in the South Carolina Democratic one can click here, and here ,

Update: 9:25Pm ET- Tomorrow Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg, the daughter and lone surviving child of Former U.S President John.F.Kennedy will formally endorse U.S Senator and Democratic Presidential Contender Barack Obama, in a New York Times OP-Ed entitled “A President Like My Father“.



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