This Date in History Calendar- January 28

In Bush/Cheney Administration, environment, Films/Film stars, History, Sports, Technology, war on terror, World War I, World War II on January 29, 2008 by Editor Z

Courtesy:, wikipedia, History Channel

1886: First functioning gasoline fueled automobile is first patented.

1900: In U.S baseball the American League first comes to fruition with the creation of eight minor league teams.

1944: Amidst the global chaos of World War II, the U.S navy commissions its final battleship when the USS Missouri is launched.

1959: The classic Disney animated motion picture “Sleeping Beauty” premieres in theaters.

1964: The Dark Cold War era comedy classic “Dr Strange Love” debuts in movie theaters.

1978: The country of Sweden first bans aerosol spray, because of the potential damage it can inflict upon the planet’s ozone layer.

2002: Just months after the terrorist attacks on America, George W Bush gives his famous “Axis of Evil” speech during the second State of the Union of his Presidency.



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