This Date in History Calendar- January 30

In assasination, civil rights, History, music, scandal, Vietnam War, World War II on January 30, 2008 by Editor Z

Tragedy, as on this date in 1948 Mohandes Ghandi, a global voice for Peace and Justice is gunned down.

Courtesy:, wikipedia, History Channel

1835: U.S President Andrew Jackson becomes the first U.S president to be the target of an assassination attempt. he emerged from the incident unscathed.

1933: German Nazi leader Adolf Hitler takes the oath of office and officially becomes the Chancellor of Germany.

1942: Musician Marty Balin is born.

1948: India’s Independence leader and non-violent Civil rights advocate Mohandas Gandhi is assassinated.

1964: Less then four months after the Minh Junta takes power, a new Junta led by South Vietnamese General Nguyen Khanah seizes control of South Vietnam.

1968: In a surprise to U.S and South Vietnamese forces, Vietcong Guerrilla forces launch what will later become the Tet Offensive, when they simultaneously attack a number South Vietnamese cities.

1969: The Beatles perform their last public concert in London.

1972: In the United Kingdom, British Paratroopers clash with Civil Rights protesters railing against the internment of Irish Civil rights activists, killing 14 marchers in Northern Ireland. The incident would become known as “Bloody Sunday”.

1973: Watergate suspected criminals James McCord and G. Gordon Liddy are convicted for their roles in the Watergate burglary.



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