Myanmar Blogger Detained

In blogs, Foreign Affairs, Injustice, internet, Technology on February 1, 2008 by Editor Z

Burmaese advocate for Democracy and Civil Disobedience Aung San Suu Kyi.

Since the protests of marchers in Myanmar this past auttumn, the millitary Junta who governs at the point of a gun, is still being just as autocratic and ruthless towards dissidents.

A blogger by the name of Nay Myo Latt, who is a dissident, blogger, and owner of an internet cafe in the repressive Asian country is said to have been detained by the country’s police and millitary forces on Wendsday.

In the aftermath of the protests, a number of monks are said to have been detained and disappeared, despite assurances by the Myanmar government to the United Nations and international community that it would cease the string of arrests. Since the retaliation by the government on the protesters: killings, arrests, and disapperances of citizens have continued.

The blogs was the chief avenue by which photos,video, and information went around the world during the demonstrations and gave a glimpse of the vicious nature of the governing regime there towards those courageous souls, who with the artillery of the state aimed at them took to the streets for thier freedom.



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