CLICK ON THIS: Once Again I Mention Sirius Satelite Radio On Here So Much They Should Pay Me

In blogs, Broadcasting, internet, media, politics, Satelite Radio on February 4, 2008 by Editor Z

Indie Talk Network to premiere on Sirius Satelite radio (channel 110) on Wendsday.

Or at least give me a show. How does Boxothoughts radio sound? Yeah in my dreams.

Well there is something somewhat close to that happening. Sirius satelite radio the day after tommorow will be launching the indie talk channel on Sirius Satelite radio channel 110. Actor and liberal turned neo-conservative Ron Silver will host a two hour show on there. But it will also have updates on what is going on in the blogosphere every twenty minutes or so, resembling news updates of sorts but dictated by what is new in the eternally cascading stream of information, politics, anecdotes, entertainment, and other content that is the world of internet and blogs. Sounds like a great way to spread the gospel of we here in the blogesphere. From our screens and keyboards, to your ears.



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