Super Tuesday: Regularly updated

In 2008 Presidential Elections, politics on February 6, 2008 by Editor Z

Obama: Illinois, Georgia, Delaware, Alabama, North Dakota, Utah, Idaho, Conneticut, Minnesota, Kansas, Colorado, Missouri, Alaska
Clinton: Tenessee, Massachusetts, New York, Oaklahoma, New Jersey, Arizona, California.
Huckabee: Alabama, West Virginia, Georgia, Tenessee.
Romney: Massachusetts, Utah, North Dakota, Minnesota, Montana, Colorado.
McCain: New Jersey, Delaware, Illinois, Conneticut, Oklahoma, Arizona, Missouri.

More as this develops.
Also Obama’s support amongst whites is increasing.
He has recieved 43% of White votes.
Clinton has a strong lead among hispanic voters.
Huckabee still remarkably competitive in the South.

It appears that the three Republican candidates are all dominating in the three different regions of the country. McCain appears to strive in the Northeast, Huckabee has built a fortress of political support in the south, and Romney’s camp insists that the ensuing contests which are in the midwest are terrain that favors him. Stay tuned.

Conclusion: On the Democratic side both proved thier bonafides. They both did what they had to do. Performing either within the realm of expectations and in some instances maybe even exceeding them.
Obama recieved about 43 percent of the white vote according to exit polls and the overwhelming majority of the black vote. He held strong with his base of youth, college educated whites, and independents. However he remains having trouble garnering the support and aid of Hispanics in his quest for the presidency.

Clinton’s strength was largely grounded on the coasts, in such Democratic strongholds as New Jersey, Massachusetts,and California amongst others. She appears to have maintained her grip on older women as well as more low income voters as well as Hispanics.

Obama seemed to win on many of the interior states, although he pulled off slight victories in Conneticut and Delaware. The Obama team hungered to snatch one of the states in the Northeast, which is Clinton’s most fertile soil, politically speaking. He did that in Delaware and Conneticut. He also closed the gaps in some states such as Massachusetts, although he still went down in defeat in that contest.

But both Democratic candidates, according to logic as well as the political chattering classes are both viable and still have almost equal if not completly equal chance to make the Democratic nomination thier’s.

On the Republican side, turnout is rumored to have been disproportionatly in favor of Democrats. However if there was anyone who could claim the mantle of winner in either of the two primaries, it was John McCain,who gained plotheras of delegates in such states as New York and California. whose greatest strength was along the east coast with additional muscle in his home state of Arizona, as well as some in the south in states such as Oklahoma. The candidate who did best by virtue of breaking from the straits of conventional wisdom by prevailing in four states in the southeastern states of Alabama, Tenessee, Georgia, and an early victory in the day in West Virgina. Huckabee might be a serious candidate and not meerly siphoning votes from Romney after all.

But if McCain is able to bask in the nutrients of delegate rich states, Romney was the one whose candidacy could be in jeporady is Mitt Romney, as his hopes of pushing Huckabee out of the race, being competitive in the south, and gaining dominance over McCain in the Republican race. Romney also had weak showings alongside the eastern seaboard with the exception of his home state of Massachusetts. No doubt the Romney camps spirits have been dashed, despite the appearance of optimisim.

Questions though at this stage still remain bountiful in amounts. Can Huckabee turn his showing into greater fundraising numbers? Will Romney pull out? Can Conservatives grow fonder of McCain? Can Obama keep up his momentum? Where will Hillary Clinton go from here? Well, we will all just have to stay tuned.



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