Obama’s Appeal to Republicans

In 2008 Presidential Elections, History, politics on February 8, 2008 by Editor Z

Would Ike be for Obama? Who knows, but a few moderate Republican’s in the mold of Ike, including his granddaughter, are.

Much has been made about Senator and Democratic Presidential contender Barack Obama’s broad appeal to both Democrats and independents. However, aside from the occasional anecdote from Barack Obama, himself, seldom do we hear of Obama’s appeal to some of the more moderate Republican’s, who frequently feel alienated by the party’s “conservative base” and the conduct of the Bush/Cheney administartion. Accodring to a post I first glanced at on Tammy blog and further more on the Carpet Bagger’s Report and in a Newsweek piece by Richard Wolffe, Susan Eisenhower, the granddaugther of former Republican U.S President Dwight D Eisenhower, as well as ex- Republican speechwriter and National Review columnist Jeffrey Hart are supporting Obama’s candidacy.


Susan Eisenhower is more then just another disappointed Republican. She is also Ike’s granddaughter and a dedicated member of the party who has urged her fellow Republicans in the past to stick with the GOP. But now Eisenhower, who runs an international consulting firm, is endorsing Barack Obama. She has no plans to offically leave the Republican party. But in Eisenhower’s view, Obama is the only candidate who can build a national consensus on the issues most important to her- energy, global warming, an aging population, and America’s standing in the world.

“Barack Obama will really be in a singular position to attract moderate Republicans,” she told Newsweek. “I wanted to do what many people did for my grandfather in 1952. He was hugely aided in his quest for the presidency by Democrats for Eisenhower. There’s a long fine tradition of crossover voters.”

Thats just some of them. Ex-National Review columnist, and veteran speechwriter for President’s Nixon and Reagan Jeffrey Hart, who has grown disgusted and disillusioned by the Bush/Cheney brand of neoconservatism, has also stated his support for Obama in a recent article.

It is Republicans like Hart and Susan Eisenhower, who certainly give Obama’s message that he can expand the bounds of partisanship to appeal to independent as well as some Republicans credence, thereby making him more electable.

However, one shouldn’t expect thier to be a thundering exodus of Republicans fleeing from McCain, Bush, and Cheney to support or even vote for Obama.The number would be at most about 5- 10% of the Republican electorate overall and a minute segment of moderate Republicans. It is great that he is recieving this support, however to invest an abundence faith in garning the votes of moderate Republicans would be an error.



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