This Date in History Calendar- February 8

In Films/Film stars, Foreign Affairs, History, media, Native Americans, politics, Vietnam War, World War II on February 8, 2008 by Editor Z

Movie legend, Actor James Dean was born on this date in 1931.

Courtesy:, wikipedia, History channel

1887: Dawes Act approved by Congress, which allows tyhe President to survey Native American tribal land and divide it into individual territories.

1904: The Japanese and the Russians go to war with the Battle of Port Arthur, the opening slavo in the Japanese Russo war.

1910: William Boyce first incorporates the Boy Scouts of America.

1915: The first full length movie of its time D.W Griffith’s “Birth of a Nation”, debuts in Los Angeles, California.

1918: The millitary newspaper “Stars and Stripes” is first published.

1922: The first radio is introduced in the White House by U.S President Warren G Harding.

1931: Actor and silver screen icon James Dean is born.

1937: Beat Generation writer Neal Cassidy is born.

1943: In World War II, the U.S defeat the Japanese in the Battle of Guadacanal.

1965: U.S begins its bombing of North Vietnam.

1968: Segregationist, Alabama Governor George Wallace announces his candidacy for the U.S Presidency.



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