COMMENTARY: From the No s*&# File War in Iraq negativly affects Our Efforts in Afganistan

In Bush/Cheney Administration, Commentary, Foreign Affairs, Iraq War on February 9, 2008 by Editor Z

Secretary of Defense Robert Gates this week, conceded that the U.S mission in Afganistan and the U.S efforts to get more re-enforcements from NATO countries already taking part, could be adversley effected by the global resentment towards the U.S brought on by the Iraq War.

New York Times:

“I worry that for many Europeans the missions in Iraq and Afganistan are confused,” Mr Gates said as he flew here [Munich, Germany] to deliver an address at an international security conference.

“I think they combine the two,” he added.”Many of them, I think, have a problem with our involvement in Iraq and project that to Afganistan, and do not understand the very different–for them the very different kind of threat.”

Yeah who would ever come away thinking that?

In all fairness Gates was not one of the original inept architects of this disastorous policy, yet he is nevertheless a part of ths administration now. The Bush administration spends years conflating Iraq and Al-Queda. That those who were festering in Afganistan and attacked us on 9/11, are the same people mobilizing the insurgency in Iraq. Now they wonder how anyone could have ever gotten that idea. Lesson learned always question authority, especially when a people seem to be nearing war.



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