David Shuster gets suspended from MSNBC. Now the Clinton’s Should Move Ahead with the Campaign.

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MSNBC political correspondent David Shuster, suspended over inappropriate remarks.

MSNBC political reporter David Shuster was suspened on Friday from the network, prior to comments he made the evening prior on the air.

Shuster was filling in for MSNBC talk show host Tucker Carlson on his show “Tucker”, when he made a remark about U.S Senator and Democratric Presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton’s (D-NY)daughter Chelsea who is activley campaigning for her mother. He described her intense campaigning and courting of delegates as having Chelsea Clinton “pimped out in some weird sort of way”.

The Clinton campaign reacted angrily calling the remarks amongst other things “beneath contempt” and have threatened to cease any future debates or interviews on that network.

Shuster has since apologized and has been placed on suspension for an unknown period of time. But the Clinton campaign states that punishment is far too leinant.

MY TAKE: What Shuster said was sloppy and untoward. No matter what the children and family of a candidate, shouldn’t face the intense scrutiny that an actual candidate is subject to. They will not man the ship of state or hold elected office as the voice and servant of the people.

Having said all that though, Shuster has apologized and been reprimanded as well as deservingly humilated for his poor grasp of judgement to say nothing of his own words. But firing him would be excessive. He didn’t say anything with the intention of cruelty it seems, but out of stupidity.

Shuster and other news reporters and hosts though, ought to be a little more careful and less slang with thier words in the future. It is incidents like this that show an erosion at times in the quality of modern news. Bar room talk at a news desk at one of the top networks in America, doesn’t work. TV is a medium in which a few words on the air can build or sustain a persons image or diminish a person’s image. He has been punished and expressed his regret, now the Clinton team should forge ahead and continue campaigning on the issues that America is looking for solutions to.

The longer they push for Shusters’ removal, the more it looks like they are intimidating the media and anyone questioning them or thier policies (such as an incident between former President Clinton in Nevada and a local ABC reporter, and the Clinton campaign’s reaction towards a story to be printed in GQ magazine a month or so ago). The Clintons have always had a tense and volitaile relationship with the media, however this election is too crucial to the course our nation and we as a people will take in the coming years, to become bogged down in some feud between the media and the candidates.



2 Responses to “David Shuster gets suspended from MSNBC. Now the Clinton’s Should Move Ahead with the Campaign.”

  1. Funny how when the Bush twins were in trouble the media had a feeding frenzy & it was all OK. Just shows who controls what!

  2. the media have by and large been silent on the Bush twins since 2001though.

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