Disorder At a Poets Fort, Puts Young Party Animals in Court

In Crime, literature, off-beat on February 11, 2008 by Editor Z

The Homer Noble Farmhouse, that once was owned by Robert Frost and was vandalized last December.

A large group, consisting of adolescents and adults in thier early twenties are being brought before a court, for vandalsing a Vermont farmhouse where the fanmous poet Robert Frost once resided.

The incident took place on the evening of December 28 and into the early morning hours of the next day, when the perpitrators had a drinking party in the former honme turned historic literary land mark known as the Homer Noble Farm House. Amidst the rowdy partying, as much as $10,000 in damages was encurred on the site.

All 28 are facing charges of trespassing and vandalism, amongst other charges. And some are also facing charges of purchasing and providing alcohol to minors.

Not clear yet what the maximum penalty the accussed could face.

MY TAKE: Ironically, Robert Frost once wrote that “Good fences, make good neighbors”, apparently if he had a fence this philosphy doesn’t always translate into effective security.

Anyway as part of thier punishment if found gulity, each of these young miscrants should be required to do individual research papers on Robert Frost and his poetry.


One Response to “Disorder At a Poets Fort, Puts Young Party Animals in Court”

  1. interesting, hehe. i like the idea of making them write papers….even though they’ll probabaly just plagerize them anyway. great article, alex.

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