COMMENTARY: President’s Day is a Sham

In Commentary, Holidays, U.S History, U.S Presidents on February 18, 2008 by Editor Z

Its should be Washington-Lincoln Day. Why honor 43 white guys, when we can honor the accomplishments of two extraordinary ones?

President’s Day is an absurd holiday as far as I am concerned.

According to its history, it began in 1796 as a Federal holiday to honor the Birth of the first leader of our country, George Washington. It stayed that way until it also honored another of our bravest and most honorable leaders who guided us with moral clarity, righteousness, freed the slaves (although that wasn’t the original cause of the civil war), and stitched our country and the fabric of its identity as one unified people together in its darkest hours.

Lincoln and Washington’s birthday (although their birthday doesn’t fall on the same day or on the same day every year) should be commemorated.

However for decades ago the federal calendar was rearranged to give people more three day weekends and have excuses to close the stock markets, banks, schools, federal bureaus, and post offices another day to be closed. So it was relabeled “President’s Day” in 1971.

It should have been re-named Washington-Lincoln Day in my opinion instead. I mean it just sounds like a day that offers praise and worship to all those who once held the office. While there are many of those, do you really want to honor all our past presidents? I don’t. Do you really want to honor those who have defiled our nation’s greatness (George W Bush/Dick Cheney, Richard Nixon, Warren Harding, come to mind), those who exhibited a wealth of ineptitude (Herbert Hoover, Andrew Johnson, James Buchanan), or those who just were so unremarkable that they are and to deserve to be forgotten (that means you Millard Filmore and Grover Cleavland)?

It just sounds like a heap of false praise.

By the way I think three day weekends should be when you get a Friday off instead of a Monday. After all everyone is mentally out of it on Fridays anyway, so it won’t wreck havoc on their mental clock that much anyway.



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