McCain Proud of Anti-Catholic Neoconservative Preacher’s Support

In 2008 Presidential Elections, neoconservatives, politics, Religion on February 29, 2008 by Editor Z

McCain accepts endorsement of controversial anti-catholic pastor.

This week in the Democratic debate on MSNBC, Democratic contender for the Presidential nomination Barack Obama was questioned about the unwelcome endorsement of the odious Louis Farrakhan who has been known in the past for espousing doctrines and points of view that are hostile towards both whites and those of the Jewish faith. Obama retorted by both “denouncing and rejecting” Farrakhan.

But yesterday Republican Presidential candidate Senator John McCain (R-Az),warmly accepted the backing of a controversial and prejudice jacobinical preacher John Hagee, who amongst other things is known for his steadfast support of Israel and his conviction that there will be a fiery end times battle between good and evil.
Also he is known as a fountain of anti-Muslim, anti-Semitic, and anti-Catholic; as well as his clamor for war in the Middle East, especially Iran. Sounds just like Jesus huh?

Well this story has been making the rounds online.


In his book, “Jerusalem Countdown: A Warning to the World” Hagee predicts Russian and Arab armies will invade Israel and be destroyed by God. Israel will then be the site of battle between China and the west, which will be led by the the anti-Christ in his role as head of the European Union. Jesus Christ will return to Earth in the final battle he writes.

The book also claims Adolph Hitler and the Roman Catholic Church joined in a conspiracy to destroy the Jews.

One would not be astonished to learn, that many Catholics (especially conservative Catholics) have been offended by the bigotry of this backwards and delusional old man. But McCain states that he is proud of the endorsement. Between this and the Cunningham tirade, this just shows that those who desecrate religion by using it to justify hate, stupidity, deceitfulness, and backwards thinking that has no place in a civilized society, shows that prejudice is live and well in the ranks of the conservative base. Or maybe we should refer to this handful of individuals who drag God through the mud and substitute love with hate, as “base conservatives”.

Its these snake oil salesmen like Hagee are the most revolting. They believe that they are vessels of God and that only they, white Anglo-Saxon straight old men who are adherents to a certain flavor of Christianity can enter the gates of heaven and be blessed by God, while everyone else is evil and should be damned to an eternity in hell (or worse yet a mass conducted by Hagae).

Well I believe in God and heaven, but I don’t believe any of the violent and sickening delusions that this guy spouts. he is just as bad if not worse then Farrakhan and at least Obama didn’t embrace Farrakhan standing on stage alongside him and denounced him. McCain was shameless enough to embrace his hate mongering supporter.

UPDATE 2/29/08: McCain announced that he welcomes Haggae’s endorsement but doesn’t endorse everything that Hagae says. The same conservatives like Sean Hannity who are likely to defend Hagae, are regularly pouncing on Obama and tying him to Farrakhan. Guess the Straight Talk Express is in the auto body shop for repairs!



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