"Clevaland" Rocks !

In cartoons, television on March 5, 2008 by Editor Z

Clevland, the soft- spoken dead-panned divorced neighbor of the Griffins on Fox’s animated hit ‘Family Guy’, is said to possibly net his own series on Fox.

Fox seeking to reap further rewards from the immensely popular adult cartoon, is said to be in the embryonic stages of developing a show for the series character who is the most calm of the array of wild characters on ‘Family Guy’ and puts to humor black stereotypes is said to be in talks to get his own spin-off which as of now is titled ‘Cleavland’. Mike Henry, who provides the voice for the character and also serves as a Family Guy writer and producer is said to be combining creative forces with Family Guy brain child Seth McFarlene and Robert Appael Executive Producer of ‘American Dad’ another Fox animated hit to craft the show.

No word yet on plot details or a date when the proposed series should be expected to debut.

MY TAKE: This could be interesting. Spin-offs for TV shows never usually work (except in the case of the ‘Mary Tyler Moore show’ that launched several successful spin off series), but nonetheless it will be cool to see what McFarlene and company come up with.



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