This Date in History Calendar- March 6

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The Classic Science Fiction film “Metropolis” is released in theaters in 1927.

Courtesy:, wikipedia, History Channel

1820: The Missouri Compromise is signed into law.

1857: the U.S Supreme Court rules in the Dred Scott v Sanford case, better known as the Dred Scott Decision” that the government lacked the authority to prohibit slavery in federal territories and that people of African descent could never officially become U.S citizens.

1927: The cinema Science Fiction classic “Metropolis” is released in theaters.

1946: Vietnamese President and anti-colonialist Ho Chi Minh signs an agreement with the French, recognizing Vietnam as an autonomous nation in the French Union as well as the Indochinese Federation.

1951: The Cold War era Espionage trial of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg gets underway.

1953: A day following the death of Soviet leader Josef Stalin from a stroke, Gregory Melenkov takes the reigns of power in the Soviet Union.

1965: First American soldiers officially land in Vietnam, beginning the U.S military phase in Vietnam.

1970: Three members of the radical leftist “Weathermen” militia blow themselves up in Greenwich Village, New York.

1981: CBS Veteran Anchor Walter Cronkite, who became a fixture as anchor of the CBS Evening News, anchors his last newscast.



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