First Draft Section of "On the Road"

In books, literature on March 10, 2008 by Editor Z

Jack Kerouac and what one presumes to be the infamous scroll spaning over 100 feet on which the first draft of “On the Road” is written.

A relic of one of the most popular literary works of recent decades, will be showcased at the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center, at the University of Texas.

A portion of the lengthy first draft of Jack Kerouac’s Beat generation classic “On the Road”, will be on display. The first draft is a 48 foot portion of the larger scroll, spanning 120 feet, with the pages baring the proofreading marks like scars and not segregated by chapters nor paragraphs.

Just a wild cascading river into a nomadic writer’s travels and the subculture of drifters and non-conformity bubbling with life beneath the iconic picture perfect “Leave it to Beaver”, “we Like Ike” squeaky clean exterior of post World War II America, in various enclaves and souls across the American landscape.

The section of the “On The Road” draft will be open to visitors until June 1 as part of a broader exhibit on the Beat Generation.



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