Mary-Ann, Not so Innocent Anymore

In Celebrities, Crime, drugs, Marajuana, television on March 12, 2008 by Editor Z

“Gilligan’s Island” star Dawn Wells, better known as ‘Mary Ann’, faces charges of reckless driving, after Mary Jane was found in Mary-Ann’s car.

Dawn Wells, known for her role as Mary-Ann, the nymphet innocent sexpot and ship wrecked survivor on the classic tv series “Gilligan’s Island”, has been charged with reckless driving.

The charges stem from an incident back in October, when the 69 year old former TV actress, was pulled over by Idaho police when she driving and her car was seen swerving along the road.

When she was pulled over, she failed a sobriety test, and a number of smoked marijuana cigarettes and a pair of small cases commonly used to house marijuana were discovered in her car.

Welles explained that the marijuana was left behind by a hitchhiker, whom she had picked up. She was then placed under arrest.

In February she pled guilty to the single charge of reckless driving, in exchange for having two drug related charges and a charge of driving under the influence in exchange for her guilty plea.

Welles has been ordered to pay a fine of $410.50,six months probation, and five days in jail.

MY TAKE: Interestingly enough Welles isn’t the first cast member of Gilligan’s Island to find themselves in trouble with the law on marijuana related charges. At one point Gilligan himself (actor Bob Denver) faced drug charges in 1998, when he was found to have recieved a package of marajuana in a mailing that was allegedly connected to Wells.

No word yet on whether Mrs Howel has ever been strung out on bennies or whether Ginger had ever been in rehab.



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