This Date in History Calendar- March 12

In Cold War, food/drink, History, literature, music, peace, U.S Presidents, Vietnam War on March 12, 2008 by Editor Z

Beat writer Jack Kerouac born this date in 1922.

Courtesy:, wikipedia, History Channel

1894: Coca Cola first sold in bottles

1912: The Girl Scouts of the USA are first established (first known as the ‘Girl Guides’).

1922: Beat Generation writer Jack Kerouac is born.

1930: Gandhi leads the Dandi March, a show of defiance against the British monopoly on salt in India.

1933: U.S President Franklin Delano Roosevelt holds his first radio ‘fireside chat’.

1947: The Truman Doctrine is first proclaimed, to fight back against the ever growing influence of communism in Europe.

1948: Singer James Taylor is born.

1968: U.S Senator and Anti-war Democratic Party candidate Eugene McCarthy comes in a close second, garnering 42% of the vote to President Lyndon Johnson’s 48% in New Hampshire’s Democratic Presidential primary.

1969: Beatles’s member Paul McCartney weds Linda Eastman.


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